Diploma of Nursing takes Monique from PCA to medical practice

Posted by on 7 April 2017

Monique Barton Parrinder HERO

While working as a medication endorsed Personal Care Attendant, Monique Barton-Parrinder was inspired to advance her skills with a Diploma of Nursing at Health Skills Australia in Brisbane.

“I developed a passion to be a part of the clinical aspects of nursing,” she said.

Before the year had ended after her graduation in August 2016 Monique was employed in a job she loves. She works as a practice nurse at a busy Brisbane medical centre that is one of a group of four in the metropolitan area.

A job with ongoing training

“There's such a variety of things a practice nurse is responsible for, ranging from chronic illness management to immunisations. Making clinical decisions for someone else's life is a huge deal,” said Monique. 

“My professional development so far has included attending seminars about medications, chronic health management and patient education. I love being a nurse, so I could happily stay in this role.”

Her two supervised student placements prepared Monique well for her current duties of treating clinic walk-ins and regular patients. One placement took her far from home for the opportunity to sample life as a regional hospital nurse.

“I completed my subacute placement at Bundaberg Hospital and loved every moment of it. It was such a phenomenal experience to do placement outside of the familiar city of Brisbane,” she said.

Supportive learning culture 

Monique attributes part of her job success to the close connection between learners and teachers during her studies at HSA, where class sizes are limited to around 30 to ensure   individual attention.

“The support you get from the lecturers is next-level. They poured love, compassion and a mix of assertiveness and determination into each lecture, every moment they taught us,” she said.

“If anyone doubted their ability to make it all the way through this diploma, I'd tell them don't give up because when you study all the way through to the end it is the most amazing achievement and you'll never stop thanking yourself for sticking through. The support from the lecturers is what makes that possible.”

Find out more

Health Skills Australia offers three intakes each year to its Diploma of Nursing at campuses located in the Brisbane CBD, Melbourne CBD and at Blackburn, Victoria. Explore course details here or call us for application advice on 1300 306 886.

Monique was interviewed in April 2017