Higher Level Skills

The purpose of this fact sheet is to provide prospective students with information about the Queensland Government Higher Level Skills(HLS) subsidy  that may be available to support your decision to complete the Diploma of Nursing(HLT54115) qualification.  The aim of the subsidy is to assist individuals to gain the higher level skills required to secure employment or career advancement in a priority industry, or to transition to university.

The subsidy is available for eligible students for the following qualification offered by Health Skills Australia. Other information provided in this fact sheet answers frequently asked questions by students to help you with your decision.

What training is available?
  • Diploma of Nursing(HLT54115) 
How do I know if I am eligible for the subsidy?

To assess whether you might be eligible for a subsidy click here. 


  • to study the Diploma of Nursing you must be 18 years of age prior to the start of your first clinical practicum.
  • Prospective students must not have or be enrolled in a certificate IV or higher level qualification, not including qualifications completed at school and foundations skills training.

During the enrolment and orientation session you will be asked to complete a declaration that will allow Health Skills Australia to assess whether you are eligible for the subsidy, which includes searching the AISS search for any units of competency, other qualifications or full qualifications you may have completed in Queensland.  

If you are not eligible this will be discussed with you on the day.  


  • If you make a false declaration and it is found that you have successfully completed the qualification or components of the qualification with another provider you will be liable for the tuition fee payable at the full fee payment rate for these units.   The tuition fee information is available here.
If I use the subsidy what does this mean?

It is important to choose your Diploma level qualification carefully, as once you have successfully completed a qualification at a Diploma level then access to a HLS subsidy is not available for a second Diploma level qualification.


  • if you start a Diploma qualification and decide not to complete it, you must withdraw to be eligible to apply for another Diploma level subsidized course.
  • If you are eligible for the subsidy and you use the subsidy, you are expected to complete and transition to the workforce and/or transition to university to continue studies.
  • You will be asked to agree to the completion of a survey on behalf of the Queensland Department of Education.  HSA will send a link to the survey that you can complete online within 3 months of either completing the qualification or withdrawing from the qualification.
  • NB:  It is a requirement that you sign the attendance register on the commencement date for each schedule new unit you attend.  If you are absent on the first class and this is not due to illness(supported by a medical certificate) unfortunately you will not be eligible for the subsidy for that unit.  


What does the training cost?
  • Students enrol in subjects according to the course sequence at the beginning of each term of study.
  • Information about tuition fees and other training costs can be found here.
  • Subsidy requirements mean that students are required to make a contribution to the cost of their tuition fees.  This is called the student co-contribution.
  • A student contribution is a requirement of the HLS subsidy and the amount varies depending on whether you are a concessional or non-concessional student.
  • The student contribution can be paid using combination of the VET Student Loan scheme if you are eligible and upfront payments, however, the student contribution cannot be paid for by the training provider.
  • The student contribution is payable prior to the commencement of each study period.


  • HSA enrolment rules prevent students from being eligible for a further subsidy for a unit of competency for any repeat enrolments in a unit of competency or its equivalent in superseded training packages.  HSA enrolment rule 6.7 accessed here.
  • The cost for each unit of competency(subject) you will study can be found here
  • The Health Skills Australia refund policy can be found here. 


Where do I find the tuition fees, student contribution fee and other fees  information?

Information can be found here.

What are the key dates I need to know? 
  • The key dates for the calendar year can be found here.
  • Prior to the term starts there is a compulsory orientation session. The dates for orientation can be found here.
  • The timetable for each subject for your first term of study can be located  here.
  • Timetables for the compulsory study periods that follow are made available when online enrolment opens for each term. 
  • Dates for online enrolment opening can be found here
Where do I go for my classes and clinical placements?
  • Study with Health Skills Australia uses a blended model of delivery which is a combination of face to face teaching in class and in clinical laboratories, online, and in the workplace for clinical placements. 
  • Face to face teaching and clinical laboratories  will take place on-campus at the Health Skills Australia Brisbane campus
  • There are four(4)  Clinical practicums (400 hours) and are a compulsory requirement of accreditation and  course completion. 
  • All practicums  will be undertaken at registered and appropriate facilities throughout the Brisbane region and at times some rural locations. 
  • All practicums are arranged by the HSA Clinical Placement team. 
  • Clinical practicum information can be found here.
  • All travel costs to the campus and to placement must be met by students.  
  • All clinical practicum make-up fees are payable by the student and the subsidy and VET Student loan scheme cannot be used for make-up hours or placements that have to be rescheduled.  Clinical practicum make-up fee information can be found here.
  • Clinical practicums are almost always 5 days per week and include shift work.
How often do I attend classes?  

This depends on whether you are enrolled full-time or part-time.  A full time student typically attends classes 3 days per week.  Classes are typically 3 hours in length starting at 8.30am or 12.00 midday. 


How does learning and assessment happen?

Learning is a mixture of presentations, demonstrations, discussion, reading, practice in a simulated laboratory environment and in the workplace through the placement. All assessments outcomes - undertaken in class, online and during placement are uploaded to the student portal. For further information about the assessment process at Health Skills Australia click here.

If I am struggling what kind of support is available to me?

There are a number of helpful people and services to assist you during your learning:

  • during your orientation session or an any point of your studies you can indicate on your personal training plan if you have any particular difficulties that you think might impact on your learning. This will help the trainer with your specific needs while you undertake the learning and assessment activities.

  • your first point of contact for any unexpected difficulties that might come up during your studies is your trainer. The trainer will provide their contact details to you during your first contact and you can access this information in the student portal.

  • Learning Support - details can be found here.

  • Personal Support - details can be found here.

  • Information Technology(IT) Help - details can be found here.
  • Student Administration Coordinator -  details are here.

For general student administration help email: hsaadministration@navitas.com